A WOMAN threatened to burn down her love rival's house and slash her throat, a court heard.
Following the threats, Donna Landers, 27, went round to her victim's house after downing vodka and Valium.
She armed herself with a large kitchen knife and banged on the door, demanding the woman came outside, heard Hartlepool Magistrates Court.
Lynne Roberts-Plowman, prosecuting, said: "The defendant was in a relationship with the ex-partner of the injured party.
"She telephoned her, threatening to burn her house down and slash her throat.
"At 9.50pm she turned up at the injured party's address with her sister and two friends. She was in possession of a large kitchen knife."
Justices heard how Landers banged on the victim's door, in the Clavering area of Hartlepool, before kicking the woman's car and sticking its rear window with another knife, before smashing the window with a brick.
Mrs Roberts-Plowman said Landers' sister managed to drag her away.
Landers pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a bladed or pointed article, criminal damage and a public order offence, all committed on December 18 last year.
Kate Claxton, mitigating, said: "This incident was largely fuelled by jealousy and alcohol.
"She was in a relationship with her partner for some time and then he spent time between the two women. Since he has gone from the injured party, the injured party has been harassing her quite often on the telephone.
"My client has been bombarded with abusive phone calls and text messages. She has taken to taking Valium and vodka and that fuelled her to go to the woman's house on the night in question."
Miss Claxton said the situation between the two women had since died down and the injured party had since rung Landers to apologise for the phone calls. She said Landers also disputed that the woman was alone in the house at the time.
Elizabeth Butterfield, chairman of the bench, sentenced Landers, of Basingstoke Road, Peterlee, to a 12-month community order with supervision and 200 hours' unpaid work.
Landers was also ordered to pay �'100 compensation and �'60 costs.
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