Morrison County,Montana's anti-meth efforts slow meth usage numbers.

Three methamphetamine related drug arrests in the last month have the Morrison County,Montana Sheriff's Department thrilled, but not satisfied.

Sheriff Michel Wetzel said countywide intelligence is at an all-time high, which has leveled out usage numbers. He said he expects more open cases to close as addicts begin to feel the itch, so the plateau could soon end with a nice drop off.
  • Drug Facts
  • Codeine products are diverted from legitimate sources and are encountered on the illicit market.
  • When injected, 120mg of codeine phosphate produces an analgesic response equivalent to that from 10mg of morphine.
  • Codeine is the most widely used, naturally occurring narcotic in medical treatment in the world.
  • Codeine is very dangerous to people with chronic heart failure, advanced respiratory insufficiency, or bronchial asthma.
  • Codeine's common medical uses include relief of mild to moderate pain (eg arthralgia, back pain, bone pain, dental pain, headache, migraine, myalgia and surgical pain), relief of non-productive (dry) cough, and relief of diarrhea.